About Us

About Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation

Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation, as a non-profit organization, strives through advocacy, capacity building, provision of knowledge and sustainable funding from various sources to challenge and empower all citizens of the neighbourhood.

Through partnerships with a number of government agencies and community groups and organizations, the BNRC delivers meaningful programs that strengthen housing choices, improve recreational and leisure amenities, build economic opportunities, strengthen community potential, and create safe, attractive and inviting neighbourhoods. The BNRC is also a key partner in the delivery of housing programs throughout the City of Brandon.

The BNRC is funded through partnerships with the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Government. Since the inception of the BNRC in 2000, the BNRC has successfully invested millions of dollars to Brandon’s core residential neighbourhood.

The BNRC works in five key categories which are:

  • Neighbourhood Capacity & Empowerment
  • Housing & Homelessness
  • Economic Development
  • Crime and Safety
  • Recreation, Arts, Leisure & Wellness